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Style Profile Rob Morton of Studio Tre’ Lynn


You may not know the man behind the lens, but his resume’ speaks volumes. Rob Morton is a self taught veteran photographer with 30 years of experience. His studio Tre’ Lynn a combination of the names of his oldest son and his wife has been producing high quality work for highly satisfied clients is tucked away in historic Mount Vernon . Since discovering his passion for photography in 1983 , the New Jersey native has had the pleasure of having an esteemed client list that includes but not limited to Maserati , Dolce & Gabbana , Southwest Airlines and The Baltimore Ravens just to name a few. I caught up with our featured visionary to get to know more about what inspires his work and his personal style.

DCK-ALS : What was your first fashion gig?

RM:Oh wow.. That was so long ago. It was a Debutante Ball sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and the designer that made all of the young ladies gowns wanted to do a shoot of her gowns… I was in H.S. when I did that shoot….
DCK-ALS : What was your most memorable shoot and why?

RM: There have been so many, but I think the most memorable shoot was comercial shoot for an ad agency, having accomplished it and having the shoot published internationally.. That one and my shoot with Maserati and seeing those images in an Italian magazine, I will never forget those.

DCK-ALS : Who or what inspired you to get into fashion photography?

RM: I wouldn’t label myself as a “Fashion Photographer” per se however my inspiration to start photographing Fashion came from a friend of mine that works for the Washington Post.. He’s been a mentor for a number of years and has always been a helpful hyper critical eye of my work. I appreciate that. Especially from a helpful critical eye.. My leaning towards Fashion is because it’s pretty neat, it continuously changes, but then my life has always been a life through a lens.

DCK-ALS: How would you describe your own personal style?

RM:I’ve never had to do that.. Wow… I get inspired by my client. I derive a style that gel’s with them and their personality, it’s always a combination style that I like to infuse with a bit of me.. To make us both excited yet different… Not sure if that makes sense, but my style depends on my subject, the result though is a look that’s completely mine.

DCK-ALS: Who or what do you draw inspiration from when it comes to your style of dress?

RM: I love being a sharp dressed man, i get inspired by some current trends mixed with my ability to clothe my body type…. Just because someone makes a garment does not mean that you have to wear it. but Classic Vintage will never fade, that’s my style…
DCK-ALS: Name four items you can’t live w/o on a day to day basis?

RM: 1. My Ties… all 150+ of them (With room for more..)
2.My variety of unique pocket squares.
3. My love affair with Nordstroms (shoe Dept)
4. my HAPPY SOCKS… Man I love them things…
DCK-ALS: How do you see the future of Baltimore’s emerging fashion scene?

RM: “I think that some of the right people are on top of the Men’s Fashion scene here there is room for more however designers need to be careful not to cast a shadow on the functionality of a garment with their personal artistic expression… The garment still needs to fulfill a function, not just look good to you because that’s what you, (the designer) woke up and felt like creating that day..”

DCK-ALS: On the international scene is there a fashion photographer whose work you admire?

RM: “I’m an admirer of Photographers in general but if I had to narrow it down it would be
Patrick Demarchelier, Anna-Lou “Annie” Leibovitz and of course the founders of light and shadow”


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