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Style Profile : Peter Watkins of Sette Neckwear


Some of you who follow me on Tumblr and the A Life Suited FB page may remember the video I posted last week introducing Sette Neckwear. Sette which means seven in Italian is a new luxury neckwear line of Italian 7-fold ties founded by Peter Watkins. Today we caught up with the former White House Aide for a bit of Q&A to find out more about the brand and the inspiration behind it .
1. When was Sette started ?
We officially launched Sette in December, 2011.  However, we got the idea several years ago, while in a former life of politics we found ourselves traveling in Italy on official business.  We noticed that the Italian head of government was giving out as a ‘gift’ some very personal ties handmade by a local label. They were nothing you could find in the U.S.  It made us extremely envious of the recipients that there were very small Italian companies making neckties with the sole purpose of making a beautiful accessory with all of the most personal touches.
2. What is it that sets Sette a part from other neckwear brands?

We have yet to see a seven fold tie constructed like ours, or with all of the hand crafted features. For example, the silk on our seven-folds crosses the entire width of the blade when you open it in the back. The idea being, that we wanted the ties to still have the necessary heft without using a cotton liner. In order to achieve this, we had to make up for it with extra silk. Our bar tacks are also intentionally left higher so that our customers can take a look inside. We have nothing to hide! That idea came after reading the book on Steve Jobs, and learning about how obsessed he was that Apple products were quality from the inside as well as the outside. We have a rare confidence that our neckwear would pass the ‘gut’ check test. In addition, we number each tie. After we make a certain number of any of our lines, we end it. Its like a club. ImageImageImage

3. Who is currently wearing Sette Neckwear.?

People who have a love for handmade neckwear or to own a tie with a personal story. Your readers in Baltimore would be happy to know a handful of the Superbowl Champion Ravens are among our family. In addition, we’ve been seen on a number of television programs on anchors or guests.

4. If you could sum up your brand in 3 words what would it be ?
Finest In Neckwear.
5. Outside of your website where can readers find your neckwear ? Christopher Schafer Clothiers ! 
If you are in Baltimore and want to know more about the Sette go to the Christopher Schafer website and send an inquiry.