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Style Profile – Grant Harris,MBA of Image Granted


This particular post is a labor of love for me..To help you to understand why lets go back to about a year ago. After getting my walking papers from my corporate job, I set out to try to establish myself as a menswear blogger…. I just had no idea how I get started , then I remembered sitting one night with my friend months ago playing around on Vimeo and seeing videos of Grant explaining his transition from corporate life into world of style. I figured if anybody could offer me advice and steer me in the right direction it would certainly be this gentleman. I It all started with a direct message on twitter and here we are a year later, but back to Grant.

Grant Harris,MBA is the owner of Image Granted and a style contributor for Primer Magazine and featured in several international publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, CNN,  AOL, Men’s Health and others.  His Washington, DC based Image Consulting company is dedicated to solving image and style issues for men.

Grant was kind enough to stop by A Life Suited for a bit of Style Q&A for today’s Style Profile. So without further adieu …

1. How did you get into style writing?
Style writing?  I think you’re really asking what makes me think I can write anything that anyone will care to read and get away with it.  In that case I guess I fell into it the same as anyone else might.  I wasn’t born writing, but I’ve always been comfortable doing it.  In high school and college it was theses on philosophy, abnormal behavior.  Now the subject matter has changed, but the audience hasn’t.  It’s still for anyone who will listen and have a tolerable and coherent response.  There are too many other “writers” with more skill, flair, and practice than myself, but I take pride in the fact that someone somewhere gets enjoyment out of my work and see fit to ask me questions about it.

2. Image Granted is so much more than just a blog. I find it to be more of a style and personal branding guide.  Where did the idea of Image Granted come from?

You would be correct.  There are enough clothing blogs out there.  There are enough pictures for everyone to look at.  Instead, I’m more concerned with helping my audience learn something they didn’t before, have access to something they didn’t before, or be able to apply something in a way they couldn’t before.  True style is not only about building a relationship with your tailor and then fussing about the buttonholes in your shirt.  It’s about building a relationship with your tailor and helping your tailor build relationships with your friends and his friends and their friends and passing on the art of style and enjoying the process.  I treat dressing well as a personal business, and my business is personal

3. Are there currently some upcoming events or projects that you would like to tell our readers about?

Too many to count.  While I don’t put stock in quantity—except when it comes to socks, one can never have enough—the quality of the projects is what counts.  You can normally tell the quality of a project by how many hours you’ve invested in it.  Hours of thought, process, procedure, step after step until you’re able to look back and see the journey and appreciate where you’ve come.  IG is currently involved in several individual and collective projects which will be manifesting themselves in the short and long-term.  Panel discussions with some of DC’s brightest minds, co-hosting boutique events, major magazine features, and the first of its kind lifestyle showcase in DC in the spring.  My plate is full but I’m still hungry.

4. I’ve read that you attended the prestigious Virginia Military Institute. How did your experience at VMI influence how you view style and grooming?

The military has an effect on everyone either positively or negatively.  You can fight the establishment and buck the system, or you can conceded to the fact that the machine is bigger than you and while you do not surrender to it, you allow it to be the leader and take from it what you can.  I chose the latter.  Wearing a uniform everyday instills discipline, it engenders routine, and it nourishes appreciation and care…if you allow it.  If not then it promotes laziness, fosters incontinence, and nurtures complacency.  Fortunately, in my case I chose the former.

5. How would you describe your own personal style?

So many people ask this question.  Sometimes I give the technical tried and true explanation.   Classic, manicured, polished, approachable, versatile etc.  Other times I leave it up to the viewer.  My style is still evolving.  Most people assume I’m wearing either designer labels or custom.  Yes, many of my pieces are custom, not nearly as many as I’d like but I’m a man of meaning means.  The majority of my wardrobe is thrifted or gifted.  I only buy something new if it’s old.  While my style is nothing to boost about I do have the ability to make my clothes that are cheap look as if they cost much more than they did.  This also keeps me out of the poor house while being able to build my wardrobe until I’m care free enough to have everything in my closet made for me.

6. Name 4 items you can’t live without on a daily basis?

Bresciani socks.
Cashmere or silk scarf.
Randolph Engineering Sunglasses
My VMI class ring

7. What are some things and or items that men should absolutely avoid when developing their own personal style?
Avoid nothing.  Try it all.  If you avoid something you’ll never know if it truly works for you or not.  One man telling another man to avoid something is based off of the first man’s personal experience which is probably based off the experience of someone else, which in turn makes the second man a pawn.  Try as much as you want, until you make decisions for yourself that it doesn’t work, just don’t make the general public and those in your vicinity pay for your transgressions.

8. Are there any other jewels that you’d like to bestow upon our readers today?
If you’ve read this far you’ve gotten plenty of them.  It’s up to you to polish them and let them shine.



The Frank Clegg X IG Ultra Slim Card Case




Give the pockets of trousers and suit jackets a rest , and stop making yourself a target for pick- pockets on the subway . If you’ve been carrying around that huge billfold for so long that your physician mistakes it for a tumor your relief is here.

Famed leather maker Frank Clegg of Frank Clegg Leatherworks and Grant Harris of Image Granted, LLC have collaborated and created The Frank Clegg X IG Ultra Slim Card Case . Here are a few words from Mr. Grant Harris himself describing the attributes of the product .

“If you’re anything like me then you don’t like a bunch of junk in your pockets reminiscent of Costanza messing up the line of your outfit so Frank and I worked together to make something for the minimalist, or at least those trying to be.”

“The case is completely unlined using Frank’s storied vegetable tanned leather.  Even Frank hasn’t made something this slim in all his years of work.  There are two outside pockets and one center pocket.  It features our logos discreetly printed under one side and the customer can request his or her initials to be printed on the other.  We aimed to make something simple, affordable, and useful.  I use mine everyday.” – Grant Harris, MBA Image Granted,LLC
This card case is now available for sale on Frank Clegg Leatherworks .
D.C. King 
A Life Suited