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Rick Dempsey Ties

83′ World Series MVP and MASN Orioles own Rick Dempsey sits down with Phillip Ko of Baltimore Fishbowl to discuss his signature line of ties. Video edited by Ricky Johnson


Style Profile: Fashion Awards MD Nominee for Best Emerging Photographer Christopher March

As you most of my readers in the DMV may know, April 1st marked the start of the campaign for Fashion Awards Md finalists. Today we visit one of the finalists for Best Emerging Photographers Chris March of Christopher March Photography . Although Chris may label himself as “lifestyle photographer”, his great eye for fashion is making him a very sought after photographer here in Baltimore and possibly beyond . 



DC King: How long have you been a fashion photographer ?

CM: A little less than three years as a pro. I consider myself more of a 
lifestyle photographer. I love fashion, but true fashion photographs 
tell a story – mine don’t. I’m not ashamed to say I’m not there yet. I 
have much respect for fashion photographers, but see myself reaching a 
more commercial goal in the future – like shooting menswear for great 
clothing lines/stores. Most of my photographs are creative portraits.

DC King: What was your first big project?

CM: I was hired by Goodyear to shoot a lot of wiper blades. The first 
time, it was totally nerve-wracking!!! I didn’t have much experience in 
product photography and felt an immense amount of self-inflicted 

DC King: It was brought to my attention that you received a well deserved 
nomination in this years Fashion Awards Md

CM: Yes, Best Emerging Photographer. Emerging because I’ve been pro for 
less than three years. I’m honored and the awards are May 8th. To be 

DC King: Who’s work in your field do you admire the most ?

CM: I admire and respect the work of many people on many levels. The 
people who catch my eye the most are the ones who are successful because 
they “get it” – they are agency-repped, frequently traveling, very busy 
people shooting big commercial clients on a weekly basis. I’ve worked 
as an assistant on some major shoots and two people who do just that are 
Matt Hoyle and Gary Copeland. Laretta Houston is inspiring in many ways 

DC King: Do you have a style Icon living or dead whose style that you 

CM: Hmm, Johnny Depp. He is extremely talented and very humble – that’s 
the way a gentleman does it – blowing minds and out of the spotlight. 
I’m not a fan of showboaters!! For a female, it has to be Rosario 
Dawson and that’s not because I have a major crush on her. She’s 
beautiful, talented, and not over-done. Both people are educated, 
class-acts and I appreciate that because that’s rare these days.

DC King: How would you describe your own personal style?

CM: Oh Jeesh! Today, it’s realistic, classy, and somewhat clean. I’ve 
been getting into some new ideas, so don’t get too comfortable!

DC King: Name for items you can’t do without on a daily basis?

CM: Coffee, Diesel Jeans, music, and more coffee!


Wedding Day – Custom vs Rental..Is there really any question?

You’ve done it! You have finally taken the plunge. Convincing your wife to be’s old man you will take great care of his daughter coupled with the gut wrenching task of asking her to marry you not knowing what the outcome will be…. Yeah that was the easy part. You set the date, and the real fun begins.

The planning… cake tastings , finding the church, planning the honeymoon, a lot of investment for the day that you and she both will remember for the rest of your lives. Let’s face it, the bride is the star of the show. She’s been planning this day and how she will look on this day ever since she’d been introduced to Barbie & Ken. All eyes will fixate on her as she gracefully makes her way towards you on the altar.

Then there you are, profusely sweating your life away in some ill-fitted,baggy mess of a tux that will be returned after the wedding. You just threw away over $200 just to look like ….well to put it lightly a poor clownish schmuck.  Forever immortalized in a digital cloud of online wedding photographs, that probably cost you more than the tuxedo rental itself. You sir, will be poked fun of for generations to come. Do you really want to be this guy ?

Weddings can be extremely overwhelming both mentally and financially. That is precisely why planning is key. So if you are planning out anywhere from a six months to a year, maybe two, put that same thoughtfulness into how you (the co-star) will look on her (the star) day. Get yourself a custom-made tux or better yet if you’re doing a more modern wedding a custom-made suit.  This will not be the last formal event you will attend, nor the last time you dress up. The turnaround on a custom suit or tux can take about 6 weeks. More than enough time to go through a first and second fitting and still have it in time for your wedding.

For the same or lesser amount that she is spending on her dress that she will only wear ONCE, you can invest in a suit or a tuxedo that you will get more use out of in the long run. A decent two-piece custom suit or a tux will cost you a little over $800 at the least, depending on your choice of fabrics or details. That’s four tuxedo rentals!! It fits shoe and… NO CRAPPY SHOES!! You get to have it and use it for the rest of your life or until it falls out of fashion. Which won’t happen as long as you stay in the realm of the classic with your detailing. She’s spending probably twice that on a dress that is going to be a one and done. She may never wear that dress again except for the renewing of your vows, but every time you wear your suit or put on your tux for those formal occasions, you will remind her of the happiest day of her life. Most importantly you will remind her of why she chose you, because you were smart with your money ! Here are a few custom suiting looks we previewed during the Cinderella Event , A Fairy Tale Wedding at Maryvale Castle for Brides Against Breast Cancer .  Photographs are courtesy of Borrowed Blue Photography .  For more information go to christopherschafer.com or contact me directly at dcking@christopherschafer.com .







My New gig

  Right now, I am now in the process of studying my fit and label manual. After a couple of months of being part volunteer, part intern, and nearly a decade of being in the corporate matrix, I’ve come full circle to doing what I love, being a custom clothier.  I’m usually a very low-key guy when comes to showing emotion, but this is pretty exciting.
      I’m working with Christopher Schafer Clothiers here in Baltimore, MD, and so far I can say I love it here. Here are the cast of characters: Chris Schafer (the guy in the grey suit w/ his arm on my shoulder) pretty much lets us be us, which is what I love. He’s a great guy to work with. If I had to describe his philosophy, it would be old school work ethic applied through unconventional methods and thinking.  Chris J Rondo, my cohort (the blonde dude pictured in the sunglasses), is a young cat who does his own thing, and has his own unique style.
I discovered Chris through a blog a friend of mine pointed out to me referring to a monthly fashion/networking cocktail event started by Caprece Garrett-Jackson called “Wear It Out Wednesdays” . I saw a few photos of Chris’s display and wanted to know more about this tailor I’d never heard of before. Hell I’d been a part of The Custom Shop during my early days in Baltimore , who was this cat ? The more information I read, the more I felt like I’d been living under a rock for the last 3 years. Chris is a musician who started founded Hour House studios, he got his start in custom & clothing while living abroad in London, trained by the best in Saville Row and Jermyn Street. After coming back to the states he did a short stint with Tom James and decided to “take the plunge” in 2008 starting his own label . Winning The Baltimore City Paper’s Best of Baltimore  “Baltimore’s Best Tailor” two times in 2010, 2011 , (and again this year in September). I read more about his work with Living Classrooms , and the non-profit which he chairs The Baltimore Fashion Alliance. So after reading all that , I decided to take a chance and email Chris and ask him about an internship. Surprisingly he responded back that same evening, we set up an interview which turned into me basically hanging out there  the entire day. Before I knew it I was sitting in on planning meetings for Fashion Block and then assisting in styling models for Baltimore’s Fashion’s Night Out . To think almost a year ago ,  stuck in a job with a few unhappy people in various departments and wondering if this was all life has to offer?  Me taking shit from a bunch of un-happy people, caught up in whatever their emotional or social hang-ups were at the time. Not quite being understood , and being ridiculed behind my back for thinking differently. Or “living a fashion magazine fantasy lifestyle”. I wanted a way out. I didn’t want to get stuck .. I liked my job and the responsibility it gave me , but I knew it wasn’t my calling. Apparently so did The Most High …because late one December morning I after being into the office by my director and told I was being let go in February ,a year after being promoted to a new position. Funny how life works out sometimes.
       About eight months ago after being handed a pink slip by my former employer, I had no idea on earth what I’d be doing or how, for that matter. I just knew I wanted to do something in menswear and fashion. So I started A Life Suited as not just a way of occupying my time, but also as a bridge into the one of things I love to talk most about. For me, this is much more than just a frivolous conversation on clothing, it’s a lifestyle. So it’s nice to finally find my niche and not be writing from the viewpoint of an observer on the sidelines, but to actually be in the mix of it all. Alright, back to studying…
D.C. King A.L.S.




Christopher Schafer will be hosting his Autumn Trunk Show Oct. 11, 2012 from 12-8pm. come and view new selections of fall fabrics, as well as cocktails and live jazz by The Jerron White Trio from 6-8pm . Discounts on custom suits, shirts,ties, sports coats and tuxedos, as well as end of bolt fabric specials. More information on http://www.christopherschafer.com, or contact me directly @ alifesuited@gmail.com


Fashion’s Night Out Baltimore – A Life Suited


I had originally intended to attend the event as press , but was blessed with the opportunity to work freelance as a wardrobe stylist for Mr. Christopher Schafer of Christopher Schafer Clothier and assist along with he and Chris Rondo with styling the gentleman for their walk. Catch our handiwork @ 6:13 on the video, and Thank You Ms Charms Chic for the amazing footage !

DC King – ALS



Tonight’s The Night – Baltimore’s Fashion’s Night Out

Tonight's The Night - Baltimore's Fashion's Night Out

Get your tickets from Mission Tix for tonights event … tickets will also be sold at the door