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I am the official recipient of Fashion Awards MD award for Best Tailor 2013!

I am the official recipient of Fashion Awards MD award for Best Tailor 2013!

Thank You ! I am a winner because of you! Saturday was the official awards ceremony for Fashion Awards MD, and I am happy to say that I walked away with the award for Best Tailor ! Thank you all for your support .



Fashion Awards MD Nominee for Best Tailor

Please take time and go to http://fashionawardsmd.com and cast your vote for me in the established category for Best Men’s Tailor. Thank you all for your support.

Style Profile : Off The Cuff – J. Ciro Designs


Accessories are a great way to spruce up your wardrobe . A pocket square , tie bar , grosgrain watch bands and cuff links ! Not just any cufflinks custom designed cuff links made with your personality in mind. Baltimore based J. Ciro designs is a newcomer into the world of menswear . Producer of lovely affordable jewelry designed to add a pop of eye catching color to your french cuffed shirts. J. Ciro designs was created by New Jersey native Joseph(Joe)  Cirincione who became inspired while looking for gifts for his wedding party. Here’s more from Joe…..


DC King: So how long have you been making cufflinks ?

JC:  I have been making cuff links for roughly a year and a half. I was initially inspired to start designing cuff links while I was looking for groomsmen gifts for my wedding. As I was shopping around, I realized how many different designs there were and became intrigued in the idea of making one of my own. The day before my wedding, I gave my two best men, my four groomsmen, my two grandfathers, the father of the bride, and my father all a pair of custom made cuff links. It was a really cool way to show off my creativity. I also made a special pair of grey / blue cuff links that I made for myself to match my vest and tuxedo. Since then, I have enjoyed taking the ideas further and hope to grow the business more each day.


DC King: What inspires your design ?

JC:I have experimented with a few different designs; however, the current line that I have been making is one of which that I can really be proud. I was inspired to create this design after seeing the potential in matching the high quality silks of ties or vests with a unique set of cuff links. These cuff links allow the individual to match almost anything. In addition, along with the idea of presenting beautiful silk within the cuff link, I am also expanding this to sentimental fabrics. For example, the vest that I wore on my wedding day. I would love to have a swatch of that fabric housed in a pair of cuff links to keep forever. The sentiment behind this idea is to have a piece of life stored in a set of cuff links forever.


DC King: How would you describe your cufflinks three words?

JC: Quality. Class. Unique.


DC King: Who’s wearing your product ?

JC: As of right now, my family and friends are wearing my cuff links. The line is fairly new and I am hoping to expand rather quickly to additional markets within Maryland and the Tri-State area.


DC King:What can we expect to see from your brand in the near future ?

JC: You can expect to see more creativity and further enhancements on the current line. In addition, you can expect my brand to be marketed and promoted in several different ways within the next year or so. The cuff links I create and the brand that I represent is still fairly new. It’s growing and I am very excited about it.

DC King: Where can we find your product ?

JC : Currently, you will see J.Ciro Cuff Links alongside some of the Christopher Schafer Clothier events ( as well as their studio). You can also find my products on Facebook at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JCiro-Designs/503813586344623?fref=ts

Also, you can contact me directly at JCirodesigns@gmail.com


GQ Japan Gentlemen of Tokyo “Kensei Matsuo

Kensei Matsuo
Photo by Ko Tsuchiya (kotsuchiya.tumblr.com/)
Music by H. Lee
Directed by Karl Edwin Guerre (guerreisms.com)
for GQ Japan

Style Profile : Nick Mosby, Baltimore City Council 7th Dist.

Nick J Mosby is sits on the Baltimore City Council for Baltimore’s 7th District. Voted by Baltimore’s City Paper as Baltimore’s Best Politician, Nick Mosby could arguably be one of Baltimore’s most progressive , and best dressed leaders . A family man he is very involved with his community in his 7th District.


 Nick has served as an instructor and mentor with the Omega Academy where he served as role model to adolescent boys in West Baltimore, a College Tour coordinator and mentor with the Winning Teams Mentoring Program at Coppin State University, a seminar facilitator with Inroads, Inc., as well as a volunteer with the Upward Bound program.

Educated in the Baltimore City Public School System, Nick attended the prestigious Polytechnic Institute, and would later go on to attend Tuskegee University where he would earn a Bachelor’s in Electrical Egineering and was also selected for Eta Kappa Nu, International Electrical Engineering Honor Society, and later committing himself to the betterment of his community through public service. We took time out to sit with the councilman to find out his philosophy on personal appearance and style.


DC King: At what point in your life did you come to the realization that personal appearance or dressing in a particular manner had an effect in how others perceived you? 

NJM: I grew up in an old school house and my mother did not play when it came to appearance. At a very early age she taught me the importance of managing my personal appearance and understanding that the first appearance is a lasting one. 
DC King: Reading your bio I see that you hold a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Tuskegee University, what inspired you to make the move from engineering to public servant? 

NJM: That was always the plan. I have wanted to be a public servant since I was about 8-years-old. I tell people all the time to trace my roots all way back to elementary school. Ask my classmates what I wanted to be when I grew up, and they will tell you that I wanted to be a public servant in Baltimore. I am the first in my family to go away to college and doing so was a major financial struggle. I wanted to major in an area that would afford me the opportunity to earn the most so I could assist my mother upon graduation, hence the reason I went into engineering. But the plan was to always serve the city that I love. 

DC KING: At one time in our youth we may have latched onto a particular style or trend where, in hindsight, we think “What was I thinking?” Was there a particular style or something you may have might have worn at one time that you wouldn’t go near again?
NJM: That’s an easy answer. I always tried to push the envelope on things and be different on my mother’s budget. It worked some of the time, but most of the time they were epic failures. In elementary school I wore Dwayne Wayne glasses to my closing exercise. Middle school graduation I wore a silky button-up pattern shirt I bought from the Alameda Shopping Center. But high school takes the cake. First week freshmen year I wore a sleeveless ruffled white shirt from Merry Go Round. 
DC KING: You have worked with a lot of youth initiatives such as The Upward Bound Program, The Omega Academy, and Winning Teams mentoring academy at Coppin State University. If there is one thing you could tell young men about the importance of professional dress & style what would it be?

NJM: Keep it simple and straight to the point. You should define your professional attire and not the other way around. A sharp shape up, nice watch and fly shoes tie a wardrobe together nicely.

DC King: How would you describe your personal style?

NJM: I really like nice thick ties and spread-collared patterned shirts with fitted suits. I especially like my jacket to be fitted. I hate not seeing my shirt sleeve under the jacket sleeve. I love grey or navy blue suits, and I also like to wear brown leather belts and shoes. 
DC KING-ALS: Do you have a particular style icon from whom you derive your personal style from?

NJM: I like to mix it up. I have never really followed after a particular person, brand, or trend. 
DC KING: What are 4 items you can’t function without on daily basis? 

NJM: Cellphones, Watch, IPAD, and extra Business Cards.


Photos courtesy of Photos by Carde Cornish , find his work on www.facebook.com/PhotosbyCarde.

Style Profile Rob Morton of Studio Tre’ Lynn


You may not know the man behind the lens, but his resume’ speaks volumes. Rob Morton is a self taught veteran photographer with 30 years of experience. His studio Tre’ Lynn a combination of the names of his oldest son and his wife has been producing high quality work for highly satisfied clients is tucked away in historic Mount Vernon . Since discovering his passion for photography in 1983 , the New Jersey native has had the pleasure of having an esteemed client list that includes but not limited to Maserati , Dolce & Gabbana , Southwest Airlines and The Baltimore Ravens just to name a few. I caught up with our featured visionary to get to know more about what inspires his work and his personal style.

DCK-ALS : What was your first fashion gig?

RM:Oh wow.. That was so long ago. It was a Debutante Ball sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and the designer that made all of the young ladies gowns wanted to do a shoot of her gowns… I was in H.S. when I did that shoot….
DCK-ALS : What was your most memorable shoot and why?

RM: There have been so many, but I think the most memorable shoot was comercial shoot for an ad agency, having accomplished it and having the shoot published internationally.. That one and my shoot with Maserati and seeing those images in an Italian magazine, I will never forget those.

DCK-ALS : Who or what inspired you to get into fashion photography?

RM: I wouldn’t label myself as a “Fashion Photographer” per se however my inspiration to start photographing Fashion came from a friend of mine that works for the Washington Post.. He’s been a mentor for a number of years and has always been a helpful hyper critical eye of my work. I appreciate that. Especially from a helpful critical eye.. My leaning towards Fashion is because it’s pretty neat, it continuously changes, but then my life has always been a life through a lens.

DCK-ALS: How would you describe your own personal style?

RM:I’ve never had to do that.. Wow… I get inspired by my client. I derive a style that gel’s with them and their personality, it’s always a combination style that I like to infuse with a bit of me.. To make us both excited yet different… Not sure if that makes sense, but my style depends on my subject, the result though is a look that’s completely mine.

DCK-ALS: Who or what do you draw inspiration from when it comes to your style of dress?

RM: I love being a sharp dressed man, i get inspired by some current trends mixed with my ability to clothe my body type…. Just because someone makes a garment does not mean that you have to wear it. but Classic Vintage will never fade, that’s my style…
DCK-ALS: Name four items you can’t live w/o on a day to day basis?

RM: 1. My Ties… all 150+ of them (With room for more..)
2.My variety of unique pocket squares.
3. My love affair with Nordstroms (shoe Dept)
4. my HAPPY SOCKS… Man I love them things…
DCK-ALS: How do you see the future of Baltimore’s emerging fashion scene?

RM: “I think that some of the right people are on top of the Men’s Fashion scene here there is room for more however designers need to be careful not to cast a shadow on the functionality of a garment with their personal artistic expression… The garment still needs to fulfill a function, not just look good to you because that’s what you, (the designer) woke up and felt like creating that day..”

DCK-ALS: On the international scene is there a fashion photographer whose work you admire?

RM: “I’m an admirer of Photographers in general but if I had to narrow it down it would be
Patrick Demarchelier, Anna-Lou “Annie” Leibovitz and of course the founders of light and shadow”


Derrick C. King-ALS


Think Pink

Think Pink

New signature pink Christopher Schafer Clothier handmade tie available! We have them in skinny & regular width plus extra long for the very tall gents. Think pink!