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Let me explain…what I do is part of the fashion industry but when people refer to me as a fashion blogger ,  I cringe just a little. To me the word fashion evokes images of here today gone tomorrow, flash in the pan trends.  I for one don’t consider myself fashion forward . I would not consider myself the foremost absolute authority on men’s “fashion”.  I’m not really into trends, I like what I like, and those things are almost always timeless classics, but never “dated”. What I will say is I have been fortunate enough to have been trained in the sartorial art of men’s haberdashery and fortunate enough to be born into a pretty stylish & well groomed family .My uncles were rebels and risk takers.  My Grandparents Charles & Virginia King were hard working, blue collar folks , but when they went out they put on their best. A trait that was passed on to their offspring ( my mother,aunts & uncles) ,and that I have had the blessing of inheriting. My father wore a military uniform for 19yrs of his life, and that along with my mother’s guidance taught me how important discipline and dedication is to the upkeep of one’s appearance, especially when you are the face of the most powerful fighting force in the world (hua!) . To me these are the origins of my style, everything from what I read, listen to and watch are influences how I carry myself. A blended marriage of southern prep, european rake, and sometimes although rare b-boyish at heart (I love camouflage & airmax what can I say) . Most of what I know has been through trial and error , as well as constant study.  For me this is more than just a frivolous conversation about clothing. This is about history, culture, the things we enjoy at our leisure, and how those everyday things influence our style. A Life Suited is a celebration of that. So I say all this to say , no I’m not a “fashion” blogger, a style blogger possibly …  wardrobe consultant absolutely , but most of all I’m just someone who is very enthusiastic about menswear, and I hope that enthusiasm inspires you.. Cheers




A life suited is a menswear inspiration and style advice blog dedicated to those in pursuit of a life suited and tailored to their own personal taste.  A life suited is the creation of Derrick C King , a native Texan, with years of retail experience working for such retailers and haberdashers such as, The Custom Shop, Tommy Hilfiger USA, and Bloomingdales, who is currently residing in Baltimore City , Md.  We are hopeful that you will enjoy all posts to come, please feel free to submit any questions, or even your own personal style photos to alifesuited@gmail.com.  Thank you and enjoy !