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Style Profile: Fashion Awards MD Nominee for Best Emerging Photographer Christopher March

As you most of my readers in the DMV may know, April 1st marked the start of the campaign for Fashion Awards Md finalists. Today we visit one of the finalists for Best Emerging Photographers Chris March of Christopher March Photography . Although Chris may label himself as “lifestyle photographer”, his great eye for fashion is making him a very sought after photographer here in Baltimore and possibly beyond . 



DC King: How long have you been a fashion photographer ?

CM: A little less than three years as a pro. I consider myself more of a 
lifestyle photographer. I love fashion, but true fashion photographs 
tell a story – mine don’t. I’m not ashamed to say I’m not there yet. I 
have much respect for fashion photographers, but see myself reaching a 
more commercial goal in the future – like shooting menswear for great 
clothing lines/stores. Most of my photographs are creative portraits.

DC King: What was your first big project?

CM: I was hired by Goodyear to shoot a lot of wiper blades. The first 
time, it was totally nerve-wracking!!! I didn’t have much experience in 
product photography and felt an immense amount of self-inflicted 

DC King: It was brought to my attention that you received a well deserved 
nomination in this years Fashion Awards Md

CM: Yes, Best Emerging Photographer. Emerging because I’ve been pro for 
less than three years. I’m honored and the awards are May 8th. To be 

DC King: Who’s work in your field do you admire the most ?

CM: I admire and respect the work of many people on many levels. The 
people who catch my eye the most are the ones who are successful because 
they “get it” – they are agency-repped, frequently traveling, very busy 
people shooting big commercial clients on a weekly basis. I’ve worked 
as an assistant on some major shoots and two people who do just that are 
Matt Hoyle and Gary Copeland. Laretta Houston is inspiring in many ways 

DC King: Do you have a style Icon living or dead whose style that you 

CM: Hmm, Johnny Depp. He is extremely talented and very humble – that’s 
the way a gentleman does it – blowing minds and out of the spotlight. 
I’m not a fan of showboaters!! For a female, it has to be Rosario 
Dawson and that’s not because I have a major crush on her. She’s 
beautiful, talented, and not over-done. Both people are educated, 
class-acts and I appreciate that because that’s rare these days.

DC King: How would you describe your own personal style?

CM: Oh Jeesh! Today, it’s realistic, classy, and somewhat clean. I’ve 
been getting into some new ideas, so don’t get too comfortable!

DC King: Name for items you can’t do without on a daily basis?

CM: Coffee, Diesel Jeans, music, and more coffee!



The Delta Sigma Theta Centennial Celebration-DC


This weekend we had the honor of showing for a crowd of 12,000..yes! 12,000 honorable members of the largest black sorority in the US Delta Sigma Theta Inc. This has been the largest fashion show of my entire career.The theme was for the period of 1953-1963 and we were the only menswear designers to walk. We wanted to give a nod to that period and a time when all men regardless of creed or color dressed like gentleman, despite their station in life. The period in which my parents were born and my grandparents lived. It was a for me a reminder of how we carried ourselves with dignity and class despite being viewed by some as second class. As an African American I was proud to be a part of the event, and learned much about the rich history of this sorority of strong proud women. Their participation in the struggle for civil rights, justice & equality and how because of the sacrifice and hard work of organizations such as theirs and the other frats and sororities of the “Divine Nine” I and my son are able to enjoy freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.


Patum Peperium


Patum Peperium.

QOTD – Gay Talese

“People dress up for funerals. Why not dress up to celebrate that you’re alive?”

— Gay Talese. (Quote taken from a fun Wall Street Journal article about Mr. Talese’s style)

(Source: putthison)




GQ-MARCH 1974 – Gatsby Flair

till this day my most favorite movie , costume designed by my favorite designer Ralph Lauren



Let me explain…what I do is part of the fashion industry but when people refer to me as a fashion blogger ,  I cringe just a little. To me the word fashion evokes images of here today gone tomorrow, flash in the pan trends.  I for one don’t consider myself fashion forward . I would not consider myself the foremost absolute authority on men’s “fashion”.  I’m not really into trends, I like what I like, and those things are almost always timeless classics, but never “dated”. What I will say is I have been fortunate enough to have been trained in the sartorial art of men’s haberdashery and fortunate enough to be born into a pretty stylish & well groomed family .My uncles were rebels and risk takers.  My Grandparents Charles & Virginia King were hard working, blue collar folks , but when they went out they put on their best. A trait that was passed on to their offspring ( my mother,aunts & uncles) ,and that I have had the blessing of inheriting. My father wore a military uniform for 19yrs of his life, and that along with my mother’s guidance taught me how important discipline and dedication is to the upkeep of one’s appearance, especially when you are the face of the most powerful fighting force in the world (hua!) . To me these are the origins of my style, everything from what I read, listen to and watch are influences how I carry myself. A blended marriage of southern prep, european rake, and sometimes although rare b-boyish at heart (I love camouflage & airmax what can I say) . Most of what I know has been through trial and error , as well as constant study.  For me this is more than just a frivolous conversation about clothing. This is about history, culture, the things we enjoy at our leisure, and how those everyday things influence our style. A Life Suited is a celebration of that. So I say all this to say , no I’m not a “fashion” blogger, a style blogger possibly …  wardrobe consultant absolutely , but most of all I’m just someone who is very enthusiastic about menswear, and I hope that enthusiasm inspires you.. Cheers

A little something for Watch Enthusiasts -The GQ Guide to Watches Style: GQ.com

The GQ Guide to Watches Style: GQ.com.