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Style Profile : Fashion Awards MD Nominee David K Sommerville Jr.

Have you ever seen some one in passing and thought to yourself …”I’ve seen them somewhere before”. Well if you’re ever in the presence of David Kenneth Sommerville …Your assumptions are probably right. The Md Fashion Awards nominee Model/Actor has been in several commercials and print ads as well as television . In today’s Style Profile we get a bit more in depth with David K Sommerville.
DC King: So how long have you been modeling?
Sommerville: I’ve been modeling for about 4 years. I started out doing runway shows and photo shoots in Baltimore, Md. I have also done many print advertisements for DTLR ( Down Town Locker Room)
DC King: What was your most memorable project?
DS: Hmm… I am most proud of securing the leading role of Lee Boyd Malvo for an MSNBC movie called “I Married the Beltway Sniper.” At the time the movie premiered, my mother was taking online classes with students who were mostly international. I felt so much joy that i was being watched internationally.
DC King: I understand that you’ve also been acting tell us more?
DS: I love acting! My career as an actor stated in 2009 when I did a commercial for BET. Later, I secured a lead role in a movie for MSNBC.   Attracted to inspired works, I secured a lead role in the Historic Annapolis Foundation’s regional theater tour of award winning “Project Run-A-Way,” which led to the  “Freedom Bound” exhibition at “Historic Annapolis Museum.” 
DC King: If people were to describe you what would they say?
DS: I am a very polite, diligent, humble, and appreciative person who is always willing to help others.
DC King : How do others describe you?
DS: People see me as a hard worker with untapped potential that is clearly destined for greatness whose smile can step in for the sun on a cloudy day.
DC King: What do you hope to gain from your success as an actor / model?
DS: In short, I hope to gain a lot of support.  With this support, I could gain ideas and help to start a non-profit organization to motivate youth into productive adults.
DC King: What are somethings you would like to do/experience that would make your personal dreams come true?
DS: I would like to star in major motion picture films. I dream about working with some of the great actors of our time like Denzel Washington and Edward Norton.  

DC King:How would you describe your own personal style?
 DS: I would describe my personal style as classic. I feel most comfortable in tailored suits.
DC King: Congratulations on your nomination for Fashion Awards Md…How does it feel to be nominated?
DS: Being nominated feel amazing! It always feel great to be recognized for something I invested my heart into. It makes me want to do better work.
DC King: Name 4 items you can’t live without on a daily basis
DS: On a daily basis, I can’t live without an image of my son to remind me why I’m fighting to achieve my wishes and goals, the Holy Bible to keep my sanity, and my cell phone and laptop to stay connected with my love ones and friends. 
DC King: Who is your hero and why?
DS: My dad is my hero. He has always protected me. When I was younger I jumped into 13 feet of water and even though my dad couldn’t swim, he risked his life to save me.  That meant the world that he would fight to save my life or die along side with me.  

DC King:What is the most difficult experience you’ve been through?
DS: In October of 2012, I was the victim of a home invasion.  Six masked men forced their way into my apartment by gun point while my girlfriend and son were home at the time.  I honestly thought I was going to die that night since one of the robbers revealed his face and they were contemplating taking me to an ATM to withdraw money.  
DC King: Tell us about your childhood.

DS: I grew up in a single family home, headed by my father, who raised me the best way he knew how because my mother was “absent.” She was trying to overcome her own hurdles of substance abuse. I don’t feel that I had a great childhood. I believe that I am stronger today because of my struggles.  I am extremely grateful for my good fortune to date. Of course, to God be the glory; He gives me strength and guides me.



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