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Fashion Awards MD Nominee for Best Tailor

Please take time and go to http://fashionawardsmd.com and cast your vote for me in the established category for Best Men’s Tailor. Thank you all for your support.


Style Profile : Off The Cuff – J. Ciro Designs


Accessories are a great way to spruce up your wardrobe . A pocket square , tie bar , grosgrain watch bands and cuff links ! Not just any cufflinks custom designed cuff links made with your personality in mind. Baltimore based J. Ciro designs is a newcomer into the world of menswear . Producer of lovely affordable jewelry designed to add a pop of eye catching color to your french cuffed shirts. J. Ciro designs was created by New Jersey native Joseph(Joe)  Cirincione who became inspired while looking for gifts for his wedding party. Here’s more from Joe…..


DC King: So how long have you been making cufflinks ?

JC:  I have been making cuff links for roughly a year and a half. I was initially inspired to start designing cuff links while I was looking for groomsmen gifts for my wedding. As I was shopping around, I realized how many different designs there were and became intrigued in the idea of making one of my own. The day before my wedding, I gave my two best men, my four groomsmen, my two grandfathers, the father of the bride, and my father all a pair of custom made cuff links. It was a really cool way to show off my creativity. I also made a special pair of grey / blue cuff links that I made for myself to match my vest and tuxedo. Since then, I have enjoyed taking the ideas further and hope to grow the business more each day.


DC King: What inspires your design ?

JC:I have experimented with a few different designs; however, the current line that I have been making is one of which that I can really be proud. I was inspired to create this design after seeing the potential in matching the high quality silks of ties or vests with a unique set of cuff links. These cuff links allow the individual to match almost anything. In addition, along with the idea of presenting beautiful silk within the cuff link, I am also expanding this to sentimental fabrics. For example, the vest that I wore on my wedding day. I would love to have a swatch of that fabric housed in a pair of cuff links to keep forever. The sentiment behind this idea is to have a piece of life stored in a set of cuff links forever.


DC King: How would you describe your cufflinks three words?

JC: Quality. Class. Unique.


DC King: Who’s wearing your product ?

JC: As of right now, my family and friends are wearing my cuff links. The line is fairly new and I am hoping to expand rather quickly to additional markets within Maryland and the Tri-State area.


DC King:What can we expect to see from your brand in the near future ?

JC: You can expect to see more creativity and further enhancements on the current line. In addition, you can expect my brand to be marketed and promoted in several different ways within the next year or so. The cuff links I create and the brand that I represent is still fairly new. It’s growing and I am very excited about it.

DC King: Where can we find your product ?

JC : Currently, you will see J.Ciro Cuff Links alongside some of the Christopher Schafer Clothier events ( as well as their studio). You can also find my products on Facebook at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JCiro-Designs/503813586344623?fref=ts

Also, you can contact me directly at JCirodesigns@gmail.com

Getting A Handle On Things – Imperium Woodcraft


 Hopefully by now you’ve upgraded your wardrobe from those blousy ill-fitting shirts and boxy suits to something trim and proper. You’ve stepped up your shoe game to a decent pair of leather bottom shoes that don’t look like they were stolen from Bishop Don Magic Juan’s closet ….So why are you still using those $3 bag of disposable razors ? You wouldn’t want to go into a five star restaurant and eat with cheap plastic forks, would you?  So why do the same when comes to the tools used for your personal grooming ? Enter Imperium Woodcraft .. An Ellicott City, Md based  shop “dedicated to producing the highest quality hand-turned grooming accessories available” founded by Dan Janssen.ImageImage

  The products are made from fine heirloom wood and designed to fit your Gillette Mach 3 disposable blades as well as Venus blades for women . I had the pleasure of meeting Dan during a recent event held at Hotel Monaco here in Baltimore, where he took time out to tell us more about his products.


DC King: What inspired you to create your product?

DJ : I think people have come to a point where honest hand-made goods mean a lot. Smart consumers are looking for products that show thought, skill, style and a craftsman’s touch. Most of what is sold today is machine made, mass produced, and quite honestly ugly. I think we do ourselves a disservice by surrounding our homes, and lives with these things. Honest, stylish goods with quality material, and a makers hand, have always been a passion of mine. I have always sought to fill my life with as much quality as I could manage even if that meant having less. I started making small hand-turned things for friends and family a few years ago because I have always liked the look and feel of a good pen and woodworking was something I enjoyed. Quickly realized the demand for what I was making and I expanded to other things. Eventually I began making the razor handles I sell today.


DC King : What sets your brand apart from others ?

DJ: My products are custom designed and built by hand. Each handle, shaving, set, or razor is unique. My handles are waterproof, durable and offer a touch of to our shaving routine. I feel my razors blur the lines between old world style and modern convenience because why not have both? I’m also proud that I can offer a distinct, hand made, honest product at an affordable price.


DC King: Where can people find your product?

DJ: Look for our entire line at imperiumwood.com We are also at Hunting Ground (Baltimore), Randy and Steve’s (Ellicott City), Hell’s bottom Barber shop (D.C.) and Savvy Chic (Fredricksburg VA)


DC King – ALS

Style Profile : Fashion Awards MD Nominee David K Sommerville Jr.

Have you ever seen some one in passing and thought to yourself …”I’ve seen them somewhere before”. Well if you’re ever in the presence of David Kenneth Sommerville …Your assumptions are probably right. The Md Fashion Awards nominee Model/Actor has been in several commercials and print ads as well as television . In today’s Style Profile we get a bit more in depth with David K Sommerville.
DC King: So how long have you been modeling?
Sommerville: I’ve been modeling for about 4 years. I started out doing runway shows and photo shoots in Baltimore, Md. I have also done many print advertisements for DTLR ( Down Town Locker Room)
DC King: What was your most memorable project?
DS: Hmm… I am most proud of securing the leading role of Lee Boyd Malvo for an MSNBC movie called “I Married the Beltway Sniper.” At the time the movie premiered, my mother was taking online classes with students who were mostly international. I felt so much joy that i was being watched internationally.
DC King: I understand that you’ve also been acting tell us more?
DS: I love acting! My career as an actor stated in 2009 when I did a commercial for BET. Later, I secured a lead role in a movie for MSNBC.   Attracted to inspired works, I secured a lead role in the Historic Annapolis Foundation’s regional theater tour of award winning “Project Run-A-Way,” which led to the  “Freedom Bound” exhibition at “Historic Annapolis Museum.” 
DC King: If people were to describe you what would they say?
DS: I am a very polite, diligent, humble, and appreciative person who is always willing to help others.
DC King : How do others describe you?
DS: People see me as a hard worker with untapped potential that is clearly destined for greatness whose smile can step in for the sun on a cloudy day.
DC King: What do you hope to gain from your success as an actor / model?
DS: In short, I hope to gain a lot of support.  With this support, I could gain ideas and help to start a non-profit organization to motivate youth into productive adults.
DC King: What are somethings you would like to do/experience that would make your personal dreams come true?
DS: I would like to star in major motion picture films. I dream about working with some of the great actors of our time like Denzel Washington and Edward Norton.  

DC King:How would you describe your own personal style?
 DS: I would describe my personal style as classic. I feel most comfortable in tailored suits.
DC King: Congratulations on your nomination for Fashion Awards Md…How does it feel to be nominated?
DS: Being nominated feel amazing! It always feel great to be recognized for something I invested my heart into. It makes me want to do better work.
DC King: Name 4 items you can’t live without on a daily basis
DS: On a daily basis, I can’t live without an image of my son to remind me why I’m fighting to achieve my wishes and goals, the Holy Bible to keep my sanity, and my cell phone and laptop to stay connected with my love ones and friends. 
DC King: Who is your hero and why?
DS: My dad is my hero. He has always protected me. When I was younger I jumped into 13 feet of water and even though my dad couldn’t swim, he risked his life to save me.  That meant the world that he would fight to save my life or die along side with me.  

DC King:What is the most difficult experience you’ve been through?
DS: In October of 2012, I was the victim of a home invasion.  Six masked men forced their way into my apartment by gun point while my girlfriend and son were home at the time.  I honestly thought I was going to die that night since one of the robbers revealed his face and they were contemplating taking me to an ATM to withdraw money.  
DC King: Tell us about your childhood.

DS: I grew up in a single family home, headed by my father, who raised me the best way he knew how because my mother was “absent.” She was trying to overcome her own hurdles of substance abuse. I don’t feel that I had a great childhood. I believe that I am stronger today because of my struggles.  I am extremely grateful for my good fortune to date. Of course, to God be the glory; He gives me strength and guides me.




GQ Japan Gentlemen of Tokyo “Kensei Matsuo

Kensei Matsuo
Photo by Ko Tsuchiya (kotsuchiya.tumblr.com/)
Music by H. Lee
Directed by Karl Edwin Guerre (guerreisms.com)
for GQ Japan

Style Profile: Fashion Awards MD Nominee for Best Emerging Photographer Christopher March

As you most of my readers in the DMV may know, April 1st marked the start of the campaign for Fashion Awards Md finalists. Today we visit one of the finalists for Best Emerging Photographers Chris March of Christopher March Photography . Although Chris may label himself as “lifestyle photographer”, his great eye for fashion is making him a very sought after photographer here in Baltimore and possibly beyond . 



DC King: How long have you been a fashion photographer ?

CM: A little less than three years as a pro. I consider myself more of a 
lifestyle photographer. I love fashion, but true fashion photographs 
tell a story – mine don’t. I’m not ashamed to say I’m not there yet. I 
have much respect for fashion photographers, but see myself reaching a 
more commercial goal in the future – like shooting menswear for great 
clothing lines/stores. Most of my photographs are creative portraits.

DC King: What was your first big project?

CM: I was hired by Goodyear to shoot a lot of wiper blades. The first 
time, it was totally nerve-wracking!!! I didn’t have much experience in 
product photography and felt an immense amount of self-inflicted 

DC King: It was brought to my attention that you received a well deserved 
nomination in this years Fashion Awards Md

CM: Yes, Best Emerging Photographer. Emerging because I’ve been pro for 
less than three years. I’m honored and the awards are May 8th. To be 

DC King: Who’s work in your field do you admire the most ?

CM: I admire and respect the work of many people on many levels. The 
people who catch my eye the most are the ones who are successful because 
they “get it” – they are agency-repped, frequently traveling, very busy 
people shooting big commercial clients on a weekly basis. I’ve worked 
as an assistant on some major shoots and two people who do just that are 
Matt Hoyle and Gary Copeland. Laretta Houston is inspiring in many ways 

DC King: Do you have a style Icon living or dead whose style that you 

CM: Hmm, Johnny Depp. He is extremely talented and very humble – that’s 
the way a gentleman does it – blowing minds and out of the spotlight. 
I’m not a fan of showboaters!! For a female, it has to be Rosario 
Dawson and that’s not because I have a major crush on her. She’s 
beautiful, talented, and not over-done. Both people are educated, 
class-acts and I appreciate that because that’s rare these days.

DC King: How would you describe your own personal style?

CM: Oh Jeesh! Today, it’s realistic, classy, and somewhat clean. I’ve 
been getting into some new ideas, so don’t get too comfortable!

DC King: Name for items you can’t do without on a daily basis?

CM: Coffee, Diesel Jeans, music, and more coffee!