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The Delta Sigma Theta Centennial Celebration-DC


This weekend we had the honor of showing for a crowd of 12,000..yes! 12,000 honorable members of the largest black sorority in the US Delta Sigma Theta Inc. This has been the largest fashion show of my entire career.The theme was for the period of 1953-1963 and we were the only menswear designers to walk. We wanted to give a nod to that period and a time when all men regardless of creed or color dressed like gentleman, despite their station in life. The period in which my parents were born and my grandparents lived. It was a for me a reminder of how we carried ourselves with dignity and class despite being viewed by some as second class. As an African American I was proud to be a part of the event, and learned much about the rich history of this sorority of strong proud women. Their participation in the struggle for civil rights, justice & equality and how because of the sacrifice and hard work of organizations such as theirs and the other frats and sororities of the “Divine Nine” I and my son are able to enjoy freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.






I am happy to announce that I received the official nomination for best designer/tailor in Maryland for my work with Christopher Schafer Clothier from Fashion Awards MD . This is an awesome opportunity and I am grateful. With Chris winning the award for best tailor last year it would be an honor to keep it in-house . So I still need your help to make on the final ballot , so please continue to vote and share this w/ friends co-workers etc . The deadline for voting is Feb. 1st. Thank you for your vote.
– Derrick C King- ALS – CSC


Think Pink

Think Pink

New signature pink Christopher Schafer Clothier handmade tie available! We have them in skinny & regular width plus extra long for the very tall gents. Think pink!