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Along with working at our Streets of Georgetown store, Grant Harris is Owner and Chief Style Consultant at Image Granted, LLC, a Washington DC based image consulting company. He paid us a visit to the Hickey Freeman headquarters in NYC last week, where we learned about the unique challenges of dressing the men of Capitol Hill.

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Inside Alexander Nash

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Eton Sweden- Via Guerrisms.com

Part of the beauty of Pitti (Florence, Italy) is being able to to see first hand the great products coming from both known and unknown brands. Here’s a short clip of 3 Brands that were among 3 of my favorite shot exclusively for GQ Japan.

Wedding Day – Custom vs Rental..Is there really any question?

You’ve done it! You have finally taken the plunge. Convincing your wife to be’s old man you will take great care of his daughter coupled with the gut wrenching task of asking her to marry you not knowing what the outcome will be…. Yeah that was the easy part. You set the date, and the real fun begins.

The planning… cake tastings , finding the church, planning the honeymoon, a lot of investment for the day that you and she both will remember for the rest of your lives. Let’s face it, the bride is the star of the show. She’s been planning this day and how she will look on this day ever since she’d been introduced to Barbie & Ken. All eyes will fixate on her as she gracefully makes her way towards you on the altar.

Then there you are, profusely sweating your life away in some ill-fitted,baggy mess of a tux that will be returned after the wedding. You just threw away over $200 just to look like ….well to put it lightly a poor clownish schmuck.  Forever immortalized in a digital cloud of online wedding photographs, that probably cost you more than the tuxedo rental itself. You sir, will be poked fun of for generations to come. Do you really want to be this guy ?

Weddings can be extremely overwhelming both mentally and financially. That is precisely why planning is key. So if you are planning out anywhere from a six months to a year, maybe two, put that same thoughtfulness into how you (the co-star) will look on her (the star) day. Get yourself a custom-made tux or better yet if you’re doing a more modern wedding a custom-made suit.  This will not be the last formal event you will attend, nor the last time you dress up. The turnaround on a custom suit or tux can take about 6 weeks. More than enough time to go through a first and second fitting and still have it in time for your wedding.

For the same or lesser amount that she is spending on her dress that she will only wear ONCE, you can invest in a suit or a tuxedo that you will get more use out of in the long run. A decent two-piece custom suit or a tux will cost you a little over $800 at the least, depending on your choice of fabrics or details. That’s four tuxedo rentals!! It fits shoe and… NO CRAPPY SHOES!! You get to have it and use it for the rest of your life or until it falls out of fashion. Which won’t happen as long as you stay in the realm of the classic with your detailing. She’s spending probably twice that on a dress that is going to be a one and done. She may never wear that dress again except for the renewing of your vows, but every time you wear your suit or put on your tux for those formal occasions, you will remind her of the happiest day of her life. Most importantly you will remind her of why she chose you, because you were smart with your money ! Here are a few custom suiting looks we previewed during the Cinderella Event , A Fairy Tale Wedding at Maryvale Castle for Brides Against Breast Cancer .  Photographs are courtesy of Borrowed Blue Photography .  For more information go to christopherschafer.com or contact me directly at dcking@christopherschafer.com .








Humble Beginnings

A little about our label and the man behind it