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The Frank Clegg X IG Ultra Slim Card Case




Give the pockets of trousers and suit jackets a rest , and stop making yourself a target for pick- pockets on the subway . If you’ve been carrying around that huge billfold for so long that your physician mistakes it for a tumor your relief is here.

Famed leather maker Frank Clegg of Frank Clegg Leatherworks and Grant Harris of Image Granted, LLC have collaborated and created The Frank Clegg X IG Ultra Slim Card Case . Here are a few words from Mr. Grant Harris himself describing the attributes of the product .

“If you’re anything like me then you don’t like a bunch of junk in your pockets reminiscent of Costanza messing up the line of your outfit so Frank and I worked together to make something for the minimalist, or at least those trying to be.”

“The case is completely unlined using Frank’s storied vegetable tanned leather.  Even Frank hasn’t made something this slim in all his years of work.  There are two outside pockets and one center pocket.  It features our logos discreetly printed under one side and the customer can request his or her initials to be printed on the other.  We aimed to make something simple, affordable, and useful.  I use mine everyday.” – Grant Harris, MBA Image Granted,LLC
This card case is now available for sale on Frank Clegg Leatherworks .
D.C. King 
A Life Suited 

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