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A Night Out – Casual Date Night Options

You’re sitting at the bar of a nice restaurant at a happy hour waiting for friend’s ,when you see her walk inImage….Heels , make up ,  dressed to the 9’s , and then seconds later you see this guy Image   or  even worse  this guy  Image*  , you pay him no mind at first , but seconds later you come to the realization that these two are actually on a date together …What happened? One of two things , she either purposely allowed him to dress that way so that all attention would be on her ( don’t try and deny it ladies, I’ve dated women like you before, you’d have that man painted invisible if it meant more glances coming your way) , or she is secretly waiting for the first  opportunity  for him to turn his back so that she can dart through the kitchen to the back exit , because she didn’t have the heart to tell him to his face “babe, I know I suggested drinks, along with clams  & mussels,  but that doesn’t mean we’re going digging for them, so uh …you might want to change” . Or he’s one those guys that got stuck in whatever fad or fashion that was going on at the time.  More than likely it’s the latter of the two, no you don’t have to dawn a 3-piece suit every outing , nor should your only option be jeans and a t-shirt . Just keep in mind ,while she wants to look nice for herself as well as you, she’d like to see the same effort from you. So to help you out of your rut  here are a few simple options for you to choose from .

Out For A Drink :


For The Novice: Think relaxed casual , sport’s coat (optional), dark jeans, loafers or classic sneakers and crisp white or dark shirt ,even a soft t-shirt or try a shirt with a little personality like this *Image

Not bland but not too over the top. The goal is to appear put together , but remember don’t over think it .  


*shirt as well as other options can be found on http://www.lyst.com/alifesuited/  



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