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Altered State Part I- The Dress Shirt

A few days ago while getting ready for work , I got an instant message via Facebook from a friend of mine asking what articles of clothing could be altered. Like I had many years before , he too had grown tired of wearing things that were too big or improperly tailored. Ill fitting shirts or pants that are entirely too long or too big in the waist. There’s no reason that any grown man should have to walk around looking like a middle school student that raided his older brother’s closet . Buying off the rack shouldn’t mean your clothing has to appear as if you were stretched stretched across one . Alterations and fit can make the difference between you looking like a million bucks or some poor misguided schmuck . So with that being said, let’s get started.

Dress Shirts 


Shirt is too long or too blousy (full), sleeves too long 

If when untucked the end your shirt comes below the bar tack stitch of your zipper it’s too long PERIOD. This along with blousiness shirt can create a balloon effect when tucked, and make you look like the Good Year Blimp on a windy day.


Sleeves can along with the length of your shirt can be shortened by a seamstress or tailor. The cuff of your sleeve should fall right at your wrist . The front of your shirt should not fall below To combat blousiness have your tailor add darts to your shirt the back of your shirt, these can be let out should you gain an inch or two in your mid section. The length of your shirt can also be shortened (see pic below)



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