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Who Say’s There’s ‘No Church in The Wild’

I HATE HATE HATE looking for ties, it’s time consuming and usually fruitless, unless you’re willing to spend upwards of anywhere from $79 and up for a tie at your favorite men’s department store. (which I’ve done during my “RICHER EFFECT” moments)  Or the alternative, you could always pilfer through a wasteland of bins at your local discount chain store, navigating your way around ruthless bargain hunting women with nasty attitudes and sticky handed toddlers. Just to be neglected by a staff of people that look as badly put together as their store, and the end result of finding yet still, OVER PRICED, slightly damaged designer irregulars. It’s disheartening… Listen, I’ve never been that tie in the box with matching shirt type of guy, that guy wouldn’t even read this blog let alone know the agony of our Sartorial Brotherhood, but if you are that guy and you find this post offensive , WHO CARES !! You buy box set shirt and tie combos! You don’t get to have an opinion!..Any guy in his mid 20’s to late 30’s that takes pride in his appearance, but also takes pride in being fiscally responsible knows that trying to find what you want in a world of retail that caters to mostly women can make you feel like a caged animal in a zoo. Young New Orleans upstarts The Wild Life Reserve, knows our pain and seeks to free us from that cage. The Wild Life Reserve brings us classic men’s neckwear, made from vintage fabrics and raw silks, from all over the world, made right in the heart of The Big Easy and brought right to your doorstep via their Tie Of The Month Club. Check out their selection and register for a membership at thewildlifereserve.com , be just in time for Father’s Day.




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    May 13, 2012 at 11:39 pm

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