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Don’t Let Your Soul Glo But, Do Texturize

Proper As Hell

Texture helps. The printed silk ties just don’t cut it some days. While you’re not donning rugged, Appalachian Trail-ready boots, you want a tie that has a little more oomph. You want some dimension in the ensemble. Enter the textured necktie.

It’s a minor change that can alter the entire look of an ensemble. It’s not limited to silk knit, a popular choice for decades, but also cashmere, cotton, seersucker as well as woven neckties. The beefier fabric of this Tom Ford knitted tie pairs well with the T.M. Lewin cutaway collar dress shirt. The bulkier tie fills more of the space of the wide cutaway collar.

The added weight temporarily eases one from the monotony of printed silk ties that abound in retailers everywhere. Because of the thickness of the fabric, perhaps only a four-in-hand knot is needed. Tying this version normally produces a solid knot with thicker ties.

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