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WIWT: 1.26.12

Grading Finals

Shoes: LL Bean, Socks: Polo, Pants: Dockers, Shirt: Modern Tailor, Pocket Square: Acute Style, Tie: Knottery, Sweater: J. Crew, Cardigan: Club Monaco, Jacket: Ben Sherman, Watch: Timex, Scarf: Polo, Hat: Rugby, Gloves: Portolano

I got this shirt from Modern Tailor yesterday.  It’s done in one of my favorite patterns: red gingham.  The fit is pretty good, but not perfect.  I’ll get the measurements right one day.  

I’ve been matching my socks with my shirt or tie for a while now.  It’s pretty simple to do and for the most part no one really notices.  It’s not for everyone and I don’t do it everyday, but I enjoy it.   

I spent all day grading exams with the Math department.  We had such a good time.  Such a cool group of people.  Pre-Calc is done.  Should finish Geometry tonight.  Fingers crossed.  

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