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The perfect way to end the year, Blues x Stripes x Cirq6


[rb for cirq6] Take Me To Tuscany!

In a region known for its architecture and its food, we’ve found another reason (as if the first two weren’t enough!) to love Tuscany.

Sartoria Rossi crafts their suits completely in house under the guidance of craftsmen who have both bespoke and modern technology skill. Combining the best of both worlds results in MTM offerings with the type of quality usually associated with a more bespoke approach.

As we’ve observed before, unless you’re ballin’ outta control and you’ve got NBA, hedge fund, Saudi royal family, social media, Mittal steel or Wall St. bailout type money in your bank account, one can’t always go the bespoke route. We think the good folks at the Rossi house offer a great alternative and when you can sightsee, eat AND get a few great suits all in the same town, life can’t get any better!

Suit: Sartoria Rossi


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